How to recognize lumbar osteochondrosis

Lumbar osteochondrosis is a fairly common disease. But, despite this, it is not recommended to let his treatment take its course under any circumstances, since this can lead to serious consequences, including disability. The older a person is, the greater the likelihood of developing a disease such as lumbar osteochondrosis.

back pain with osteochondrosis

Elderly people with this disease, unfortunately, face an average of 90% of cases. As for the special risk group, it includes those who do not lead a sufficiently mobile and active lifestyle. And such people, you see, are now the majority.

The main causes of lumbar osteochondrosis

In the case of an uneven distribution of the load on the chin and the muscles of the trunk, the intervertebral discs are deformed and protrude between the vertebrae. This leads to compression of the spinal nerves. The result is the so-called radicular syndrome, which is characterized by back pain and a significant decrease in the mobility of the lumbar spine.

pain in the spine with lumbar osteochondrosis

The situation in which a person's back wedges with lumbar osteochondrosis does not happen suddenly, therefore experts recommend starting a solution to the problem before it becomes critical. So, it makes sense to test your body for any problems.

The main symptoms of osteochondrosis are as follows:

  • pulling pain in the lumbar region (at the first stage of the disease, the pain is not too strong, but over time it intensifies);
  • limitation of mobility in the lumbar region;
  • problems while walking;
  • numbness of the limbs.

Due to the compression of the intervertebral vessels, even diseases of the internal organs can occur. This happens if the disease is severely neglected. If you observe any of the above symptoms, it is strongly recommended that you immediately seek help from a specialist: a neurologist or therapist. The doctor will prescribe a comprehensive therapy that can effectively avoid the worsening of the situation.

How to act in case of an acute attack of osteochondrosis

If your back is nevertheless twisted at some point in an unexpected way, you should know what specific actions to take in anticipation of an ambulance team, which must be called. So, we are talking about the following manipulations:

  • in no case should a person be helped to straighten, since such actions can not only provoke a new pain attack, but also lead to an even greater displacement of the vertebrae, which is fraught with the development of paralysis;
  • if possible, help the person to lie down on the bed or on the couch;
  • do not touch the sore back area;
  • the victim needs to be given an anesthetic drug that will reduce pain;
  • if the pain syndrome is moderate, the lumbar zone should be treated with an anesthetic ointment.

Features of the treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis

The main task that must be solved in the treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis is the elimination of pain. After this, a number of actions should be taken to restore mobility and eliminate the cause of compression of the spinal nerves. In principle, the goal of treatment in any case is to achieve complete recovery of the patient. In advanced cases, we are talking about the induction of stable remission with the restoration of most motor functions.

Treatment can be conservative and prompt. The conservative method of treating lumbar osteochondrosis involves courses of pain relievers, as well as general strengthening and anti-inflammatory therapy. Surgical treatment is carried out only in cases where there is a real risk of paralysis against the background of a significant displacement of the vertebral disc. During the surgical operation, the hernia is removed, the intervertebral discs are replaced, as well as the bone growths, adhesions and scars on the vertebrae are removed.

In some cases, the use of folk remedies can be a fairly effective method. For example, you can make compresses based on medicinal herbs. It is also useful to wrap the lumbar area with scarves or scarves made of natural camel or any other wool.

Features of rehabilitation for osteochondrosis

To consolidate the results of the treatment, it is strongly recommended to take rehabilitation measures with great seriousness. It is better to carry out it during remission in medical and physical training centers, which are open in almost any city. Rehabilitation programs are developed for each person separately, selecting the complex on an individual basis. It includes all kinds of treatments, including exercise therapy, massage and physiotherapy.