Knee arthrosis: effective treatment with folk remedies

When arthrosis of the knee joint appears, treatment with folk remedies is an effective measure in the fight against the disease. But all funds should be used only after agreement with the attending physician.

knee pain with arthrosis

As you know, arthrosis is a joint disease that leads to the slow destruction of the cartilage tissue in the joint. This is due to the fact that there is a change in the endings of the bones, leading to their inflammation. The disease has a very large percentage of spread throughout the world and ranks 3rd, behind oncological and cardiovascular diseases.

Both men and women are equally susceptible to this disease. The onset of the disease is observed at the age of about 30 years, and the percentage of its manifestation increases every year.

According to experts, the main reasons for knee arthrosis are: metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, decreased blood movement in the joint, hereditary factors, old age, various injuries and even psoriasis.

Also, factors influencing the development of this disease can be:

  • the fullness of a person, which gives additional stress to the joints;
  • inflammatory processes in the joint (for example, in acute purulent arthritis);
  • poor quality food;
  • hemophilia, syphilis, tuberculosis and other diseases;
  • diseases associated with the thyroid gland, persistent acute respiratory infections, extensive intoxication of the body.
the doctor examines the knee for arthrosis

The main symptoms of this disease are: pain during stress on the joints, a decrease in their mobility, the appearance of a crunch and a feeling of tension in the muscle tissue in the area of the joints, their swelling.

Treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint must be carried out as soon as the symptoms of the disease appear, it is carried out in a complex and pathogenetic manner. In the complex treatment, anti-inflammatory and analgesic medicines are used, which alternate with physiotherapeutic procedures, it is possible to use healing mud and mineral water. The main task of the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint is to eliminate the factors that contribute to its development.

Popular folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joint

Along with medical methods, it is possible to cure arthrosis at home using traditional methods. There are a lot of them.

dandelion flowers for knee arthrosis

Let's take a look at some of them.

  1. Dandelion flower treatment. Every day you need to eat 5 dandelion flowers, washed with boiled water. You can make an infusion. For these purposes, take 5 bottles with dark glass and half fill with flowers, and fill the remaining space with triple cologne. Insist in a dark place for 1 month and rub your knees before going to bed. For treatment, you need to dry the leaves, which are subsequently filled with boiling water. Every day 1 tbsp. l. This mixture must be chewed for as long as it takes to complete the 3 thousand steps. Such treatment with folk remedies is quite effective.
  2. How to treat with hydrogen peroxide. This way you can get rid of pain and cramps. You need to drink hydrogen peroxide according to this principle: add 1 drop every day and, bringing their amount to 20, start reducing until you reach the minimum, i. e. up to 1 drop. Then a month off.
  3. A shitty compress is an assistant in the fight against pain. Traditional treatment of arthrosis with horseradish is known to many, it is distinguished by its effectiveness and very cheap. The horseradish root is crushed with a grater and steamed in a saucepan with water, which is put on low heat. The resulting mixture is placed on a piece of canvas pre-moistened with infusion, which is applied to sore spots.
  4. Alternative methods include a compress with iodine. According to older people, folk remedies for arthrosis of the knee joints are more effective than the methods of traditional medicine. Such a remedy is a mixture of 5% iodine solution, 10% ammonia solution, flower honey, medical bile and glycerin. All ingredients are taken in equal parts, mixed and infused for a decade in a dark place. After this time, the mixture is shaken and the required amount is heated in a water bath. Before going to bed, a napkin soaked in broth is applied to the sore spots and insulated with cellophane and woolen fabric.
horseradish leaves for knee arthrosis

How to cure the disease with cabbage?

A good helper in the fight against pain in this disease is cabbage, to a greater extent its leaves, which are used both fresh and in the form of compresses. Both methods are very effective and are excellent in the treatment of arthrosis.

Cabbage juice reduces pain. It is obtained as follows. A medium-sized head of cabbage is cut into pieces and transferred to an enamel bowl, since the metal can oxidize and release harmful substances into the juice. Then the cabbage is thoroughly kneaded with a pusher and passed through a juicer. The resulting juice moistens the woolen fabric until it is completely impregnated. This tissue is then applied to the damaged joint. The procedure is performed before bedtime. The shelf life of the finished juice is no more than 3 days, and it must be stored in a dark place.

Cabbage leaves are also used. In order to make a compress, the first large leaves, which are most juicy, are removed from the large cabbage. The inner parts of the leaves are smeared with floral honey and this side is applied to the sore joints. All this is insulated with plastic wrap and woolen cloth and left overnight. In the morning, the compress is removed, and the remaining honey is removed with heated water. The compress is applied every day for a month.

cabbage for the treatment of arthrosis of the knee joint

What else is used in the treatment?

Rubbing with elecampane will help relieve joint pain. To prepare it, you need to carefully mix 50 g of the root of this plant with 125 ml of vodka. The resulting solution is left to infuse in a dark place for two weeks. After this period, rubbing is applied to sore spots. Rubbing is performed every day until the pain sensations disappear completely.

Oatmeal flakes, found in almost every home, are very effective in treating this disease.

The oatmeal compress is easy enough to make and the process takes very little time. What needs to be done for this? 4-5 st. l. oatmeal is poured with water brought to a boil in advance. Then the porridge is put on the stove and for 6-8 minutes. boiled over low heat. The oatmeal should have a viscous consistency. Then it is laid out on woolen, cotton or linen fabric, which is subsequently applied to the sore spot at night. The compress is wrapped in polyethylene and attached to the body with a bandage. Porridge must be boiled before each compress, since after a day it loses its medicinal properties.

Simple but effective ways

Treatment of arthrosis with kefir and eggshell. This compress normalizes the functioning of the diseased joint. For him, the egg shell is ground into powder and mixed with kefir. The amount of kefir should be such that a thick substance is obtained. It is placed on a linen cloth, which is then rolled up into an "envelope", applied to the sore joint, insulated with plastic wrap and fixed on the leg. The compress is applied every day, the application time is 2-2. 5 hours.

Compresses with chalk and yogurt. Ordinary chalk, which is also ground into powder, has the same medicinal properties as eggshells. Either kefir or any fermented milk product (for example, sour cream or yogurt) is added to it. All components are thoroughly mixed and applied to a sore spot. All this is insulated with a polyethylene film or cellophane bag and left overnight. After removing the compress, the residues are removed with a damp cloth. This chalk compress relieves pain well, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation in a sore joint, and removes puffiness.

Pine treatment. Pine contains many beneficial substances, including ester oils, which can relax sore legs and reduce pain. For the treatment of arthrosis, the needles of the plant are used, which are used for baths. In order to get such a healing bath, you will need a certain amount of pine branches with needles, as well as several Jerusalem artichokes, cut into small pieces. The components are dipped in a hot water bath. Turpentine (1 tsp), sea salt (1 kg), honey (2 tbsp) are also added there. The time spent in the bath is about 20 minutes. Then the skin is thoroughly wiped off with a towel and a net of iodine is drawn in the area of the sore joint, and the place is smeared with honey. A steamed mesh of pig's internal fat is also applied there. Treatment course: every day for 2 weeks.

Onion decoctions. The use of this remedy will forever help to say goodbye to both arthrosis and osteochondrosis, arthritis and gout. 2 large onions are peeled and chopped. Then the components are boiled in 1 liter of distilled water until the onion is completely cooked. The broth is taken in 1 glass 3 times a day before meals. Treatment course: 1 month.

Hay baths. These baths are done for severe pain. Hay dust is taken (3-5 handfuls) and filled with water with a temperature of 100OC, the container is covered with a lid and cooled to 30OC. Then the solution is poured into the bath. Procedure time: 0. 5 hours. Treatment course: every day for 2 weeks.

All of the above recipes and tips will help you in the fight against such an unpleasant disease as arthrosis of the knee joints.